How to Meditate
A Beginner's Course
 Learn to trust your inner voice starting with
 only 5 minutes each day!
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How to Meditate
A Beginner's Course
 Learn to trust your inner voice starting with
 only 5 minutes each day!
 Scroll down to learn more
Is you mind going full steam ahead all the time?
Do you wake up spinning about what you should have said in a conversation you had decades ago? 

It's exhausting!

Your mind is just like a sweet little puppy. 
A puppy naturally runs amuck, driving you nuts until you train her. 
She needs guidance and understanding to make progress.

One day, you’ll notice that you are calmer and your brain isn’t quite as crazy.

That inner peace is what allows you to intentionally respond to what is in front of you, having nothing annoying to manage later.

Other people will wonder what your secret is!

Tips & Tricks
Tons of inspiration and motivation 
that are easy to digest
Spend just 5 minutes a day to begin a practice that will change your life
Videos and EXTRA meditations for anxiety, attracting abundance, clearing & aligning chakras, and more
Curious? Give this a listen. 
My physicist's brain would continuously race and bounce around from thought to thought, all day and into the night. I thought that was just how I was, and was embarrassed because if other people could do it, why couldn't I? After spending years frustrated, I was astonished that I could train my mind to start hearing those quiet intuitive messages. And now, I even channel messages for other people!

If I could do it from where I started, then so can you!
"The meditations you lead are inspiring."
Susan, client
 "They (meditations) have been so powerful and life-changing... You are wonder woman."
Shannon, client
"Nicole is blessed with a naturally delightful voice and speaking style, which enhance her well composed meditative arcs."
Bernie, client
 "Meditation is a necessity, an opportunity to connect with myself, and with a greater energy... The (meditation) class I took with you several years ago completely changed my life and increased my level of happiness. I will always be grateful."
Yvonne, client
Take this first step.
You were guided here. It is time to embrace your spiritual side and change your life. 

$249   JUST $85 

For the holidays, then the price goes up to the regular price of $249. The meditation plus bonuses and gifts are individually valued at over $350. So act now!

Choose your own pace! This course is fully automated for your convenience, with lifetime access.

Trust the process & watch your life change. 
"Nicole, I love your spirit and energy and of course your fabulous stories."
JoAnn, client
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